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How to Make the Taskbar Transparent on Windows 7

How to Make the Taskbar Transparent on Windows 7

Coming from Windows XP, the jump to Windows 7 was a massive one. It provided a fresh look on the Windows Operating System and offered a lot of background and backend improvements made Windows 7 just as popular as Windows XP (Sorry, Windows 8 and Windows Vista). But the best thing about Windows 7 is how it looked. It looked modern, it looked sleek. Most of that look is credited to the transparent taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Carrying over the UI of Windows Vista, the transparent taskbar was part of the “Aero Glass” transparency look, and you might agree that it looked awesome. But you might experience that your taskbar is not transparent. Well, here’s how to make the Taskbar Transparent on Windows 7.

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You have to make sure that these requirements are met, otherwise, your PC might not be able to run Aero efficiently.

- Activated Windows 7
- A capable video card
- Updated Video Card Drivers

Essentially, what you’ll need is just enough power and up to date drivers. You can download updated drivers at your video card manufacturer’s website.

How to Make the Taskbar Transparent on Windows 7

If you’ve already got all the requirements, then it’s time to get into it!

1) Click the start menu and type in “Aero”. Options will appear and one of them is “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects”.  Click on that.

2) A troubleshooter will appear. Just keep clicking on next and it will identify if there are any issues that you will encounter when you enable transparency. If it finds any issues, the troubleshooter will attempt to fix it. Once there are no longer any issues, then we can proceed with the next steps.

3) Right-click your desktop. A set of menu options should appear. Click on Personalize.

4) A new window should appear that will be showing you your currently installed themes. Click any of the Aero themes for an instant change of your desktop.

5) If you like the way your current desktop looks right now and you just want to change the transparency, click on Window Color at near the bottom of the window.

6) In this page, you can change the color of your Windows Border, Start Menu, and Taskbar. You can just click on White. After that, make sure that Enable Transparency is ticked.

7) Click on Save Changes

8) Done! Your Taskbar and other borders should be transparent now.

In Brief
Windows 7 might already be old news (it’s 9 years old! How time flies!) but it’s still one of the best looking Operating Systems. Personally, I’d pick Windows 7 over Windows 10 any day. And if you do happen to have a computer with Windows 7 installed and you want to have a very clean look on the desktop, then simply follow the steps detailed above. Your desktop will be looking fresh in no time! If you experience problems, simply run the troubleshooter and make sure that your drivers are up to date.

2019-10-21 12:19:23

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