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Twitter ads merge personal data

Twitter ads merge personal data

This week, Twitter admitted that it may have accidentally transferred the data of some users to third parties without permission.

In order to avoid further leakage of personal information, namely a personal mobile phone, confirm your Twitter account through a virtual number.

The company said it identified two issues. One of them is associated with a mobile application, and this can lead to the exchange of data with reliable advertising partners.

Impacted data was collected when users viewed or clicked on ads in a mobile application, and included the country code, information about the advertisement, and information about whether the user was associated with the advertisement and when. The social media giant has determined that the problem has existed in the mobile application since May 2018.

The second issue was related to information collected by Twitter about the user's browser and device.

“As part of the process that we use to try to place more relevant ads on Twitter and other services since September 2018, we could show you ads based on our conclusions about the devices you use, even if you did not give us permission to do this.” said Twitter.

In this case, the company stated that the data remained on Twitter and did not include passwords, email addresses or other types of highly confidential information.

Twitter provides settings that allow users to control how their data is transmitted, but in this case, the choice of settings did not work, and the data was transferred even if the user did not give the company permission to do so.

Twitter said it resolved these issues on August 5, but was still trying to determine how many users had been affected. Meanwhile, the company says that users do not need to take any action in response to the incident, except to check their settings.

“You trust us to follow your choice, and we have failed here. We regret that this happened, and are taking steps to avoid repeating this, ”Twitter said.

This is the second time in recent months that Twitter has admitted that it unintentionally shares user data with third parties. In May, the company informed users that a bug in the Twitter app for iOS resulted in location data being collected and passed on to an advertising partner.

2019-08-13 10:40:37

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