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New poll analyzes AIOps opinion acceptance

New poll analyzes AIOps opinion acceptance

A new study shows that 68% of IT executives with 500 or more employees experimented with AIOps tools. And 73% use AIOps to learn more about system alerts.

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These decision makers consider automation (74 percent); accelerated average time-resolution (66 percent); and anomaly detection (58 percent) as the top three drivers for implementing AIOps.

Surveys' opinions varied on the most important aspects of AIOps solutions. Sixty-three percent said ease of deployment and orchestration. Sixty-two percent responded to intelligence or knowledge capture. Fifty-three percent reported consumption through dashboards. And 40% said they support hybrid cloud environments.

OpsRamp ordered the study. Gartner spent this. A research firm interviewed 120 IT executives as part of an effort.

A survey of system warnings indicates that 51% of respondents reported that half of the incidents recur. And 48% said their current alert volumes are too noisy, too high, or both.

“The survey data is consistent with what we hear from customers,” said Mahesh Ramachandran, vice president of product management at OpsRamp. “Business IT professionals are overloaded with warnings. And they are challenged to distinguish between legitimate signals and loud, but harmless noise. From the survey we know that even a relatively small reduction - up to 25 percent - of the number of warnings received by IT operations teams will be considered successful from the point of view of the company's AIOps strategy. With innovations such as the OpsRamp AIOps output mechanism for a more reasonable correlation of the support, we believe that this is good and within reach. ”

2018-11-05 12:33:28

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