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How to remove pop-up ads on Android forever! (without root)

How to remove pop-up ads on Android forever! (without root)

Annoying ads on Android phones are annoying, and sometimes even transmit viruses. Many people are looking for ways to remove pop-up ads on their Android phones. Advertising is no longer a stranger to us. While browsing the Internet, some websites use advertising to generate revenue for their owners.

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Thus, even with app and Android game developers, they also embed ads in the app to take advantage. In fact, you can show ads in the application or on your website, but this should be within reasonable limits, and not excessive.

Imagine that there are advertisements on the website, plus if there are pop-up ads that suddenly appear when we click on the site / application area. Not to mention the fact that the ad requires cash transactions, and you immediately receive the SMS service and sign it. Very annoying, isn't it? Instead of getting the information we are looking for, we found an unnecessary ad.

Well, this ad is really very undesirable for visitors and lovers of Android applications. Now I want to share a tutorial on removing pop-up ads on Android without ROOT!

How to remove pop-up ads on Android forever!

First, I’ll show you how to get rid of annoying ads while browsing the Internet.

1. Use Chrome

Perhaps the default Google Chrome app will actually show ads while watching. But, after making some settings, ads on the website will not be displayed / blocked.

Here's how Google Chrome settings won’t show ads:

First go to the "Settings" menu "Site Settings" Pop-ups.

Then turn it off.

If you want to completely block ads while viewing using Chrome, you need to disable JavaScript.

Go to "Settings" Site Settings »JavaScript. Then turn it off.

But keep in mind that disabling JavaScript may block ads and remove pop-up ads, but some features of websites using JavaScript will also not work properly.

Therefore, if you want to add exceptions to certain websites for JavaScript to work, select ADD SITE EXCEPTION.

Well, here's how to remove pop-up ads while viewing using Google Chrome.


2. Use AdBlock Browser

If you are not a Chrome user and do not want to complicate these settings, the best option for you is to use the Adblock Browser application.

This application is intended for viewing without ads. There is no need for complicated setup, just install and browse through the Adblock Browser, the ad display will disappear.

Thus, the viewing will be smooth and without annoying pop-ups, and you will not be subject to annoying advertising.

You can download the Adblock Browser app on the Google PlayStore, for free!

Here are some reviews of AdBlock Vs AdBlock Plus & Which One is the best Adblock addon

3. Use the UC browser

Almost every browser has an ad blocking feature. UC Browser is one of them. You just need to make a few settings so that the ad doesn’t appear while watching.

First go to the “Settings” menu (gear icon), then scroll down and select “Ad unit”.

Then activate ad blocking. If the advertisement is very annoying, activate the “Powerful ad unit” option.

Thus, annoying ads will also not appear.

How to block pop-up ads in Android games and applications

Removing Ads Using the NoRoot Firewall App

Based on the experience of the author, this application is powerful enough to remove pop-up ads in applications or games (offline).

An ad appears in a game or application because the phone is connected to the Internet. Therefore, if you do not want to see ads in the game you are playing, the phone should not be connected to the Internet.

That's why the NoRoot Firewall application was created. With this application you can control any applications / games that should not be able to access the Internet connection.

In addition, this application does not require root access. Before use, you must first download it to the PlayStore.

Here's how to use the NoRoot Firewall app.

First, open the NoRoot Firewall app. Click "Start", then a warning will appear.

Check “I trust this application”, then click “OK”.

Then go to the APPS tab. There will be a list of all applications and games. Here you can control which applications are allowed to access the Internet and who cannot access the Internet.

Thus, the games you play will not display ads. But this does not apply to online games such as MOBA, or online role-playing games (MMORPG). Because both types of games require an internet connection.

Hope this article can solve your problem. Remember to share with friends who have problems with annoying ads on their Android phone.

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