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Cyber Command shares malware samples

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Cyber Command shares malware samples
USCYBERCOM maintains collaboration with both political allies and members of the cybersecurity community. In a brief press release, USCYBERCOM said it plans to “share unclassified malware samples that it found would have the greatest impact on enhancing global cybersecurity.”

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How will Cyber ​​Command do this? By uploading malware samples to a public site.

Cyber ​​National Mission Force (CNMF) shared their first malware samples through Google's VirusTotal service. Launched in 2004, VirusTotal allows users to download files so that they can be scanned for malware.

The service simultaneously scans files using several detection mechanisms. Today, downloads are checked by 55 different malware protection providers, including Microsoft, Symantec, Intel Security (McAfee), F-Secure, Eset, and Crowdstrike.

Publishing a sample to VirusTotal can help speed up the response time to emerging threats. If a scan of the provider fails to detect a sample of malware, VirusTotal may send a notification. Security engineers can then investigate the threat and send detection updates to prevent infection.

The first malware sample downloaded by CNMF belongs to LoJax, a malware family that uses vulnerable versions of the popular anti-theft software Lojack. The LoJax attacks were associated with actors known as APT28, Sofacy, and Fancy Bear.

In addition to its channel on VirusTotal, CNMF also created a Twitter account. This was not done to interact with the public. It is intended as a notification service to inform researchers when the CNMF uploaded a new malware sample.

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