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Specter and Meltdown attacks

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Specter and Meltdown attacks
In 2018, the computer world was shocked by the discovery of two security flaws changing the rules of the game: Specter and Meltdown. Experts believe that "almost every user of a personal computer" is at risk.

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Vendors frantically worked on preparing patches. Intel, AMD, ARM, Microsoft, Google - almost all released critical updates. Although, to fix the problem, you need more than releasing updates.

With billions of systems running on vulnerable chips, patches for Specter and Meltdown are truly a Herculean task. This has to be brought to an end because new attacks are still being discovered.

Security researchers reported seven new attacks. Two are based on Meltdown, and the other five are based on Specter, and the risks are almost the same for vulnerable Intel and AMD processors. 6 out of 7 attacks work against the chips of both companies.

ARM-based chips are not susceptible to Meltdown-based attacks. However, they are susceptible to all five that are based on Specter.

Security experts have been warning us since January that the initial findings were just the tip of the iceberg. New exploits should have surfaced, as hackers dig well.

Chip manufacturers said their existing Specter and Meltdown patches are enough to protect against these new attacks.

Chandler Carrut, a senior Google software engineer, shared his thoughts on Twitter. Carrut noted that the study itself “is accurate, accurate and important,” but added that there is no need to panic. “This reveals the alleged and expected deficiencies that have been addressed and mitigated if necessary,” Carrut said.

It is also worth remembering that "in the wild" has not yet been detected malware using Specter or Meltdown. This does not mean that you are safe if you have not yet fixed your systems. It just means that you are safe now.

Updating all of your vulnerable systems should be your top priority, because someone is working on an attack somewhere. Strengthen your defense now.

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