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Strange Gmail error skips emails from SPAMERS

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Strange Gmail error skips emails from SPAMERS
Not so long ago, some Gmail users were shocked to find emails in their inboxes, which they obviously sent themselves. Of course, not everything is so simple here. Spammers learned a new trick and used it to distribute their scammers to Gmail.

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A security researcher has discovered another strange trick of Gmail. He was able to send emails that did not seem to have a sender.

Tim Cotten realized that he could confuse Gmail if he somehow manipulated part of the “from:” message. Instead of displaying any characters, Gmail simply leaves the area where the sender’s name will appear blank.

What makes the situation even more confusing is that the sender’s address remains blank, even if you click on it to respond. Usually you see something next to “to:”. This does not apply to the error discovered by Cotten.

This lack of information can be a dangerous thing. When you are trying to determine if an email is legitimate, the first thing you should pay attention to is who sent you the message. If you see empty space instead of a suspicious name, you cannot make a quick decision.

With a carefully thought-out subject line, an e-mail without a sender may even seem like a legitimate system message from Google. This is one scenario that Cotten put forward on his blog, and it is easy to imagine that someone was tricked in this way.

Cotten believes that "a letter with such a crazy fake" From "field should never be accepted by a Gmail server." On the good side, this should be a relatively simple solution.

Cotten reported this issue to Google, but has not yet received an answer.

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