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Google Maps scammers clearing bank accounts

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Google Maps scammers clearing bank accounts
Google Maps is a fantastic tool. In addition to being able to give you directions from point A to point B, it contains useful information. You can find reviews, photos and contact information about almost everything you drive past. But you can’t always take this information at face value.

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Many people don’t understand where most of the information you find on Google Maps comes from. They are submitted by users, not by Google itself. For most posts, these materials come from local guides and helpful residents and visitors who sincerely want to help fill in the gaps. They contribute by uploading photos, making changes to business hours, or by correcting phone numbers and addresses.

However, not everyone has good intentions. Fraudsters have found that Google Maps is a great place to work. Bank branches are a particularly popular target.

The fraudster selects the target and sends a new phone number. People who call this new number will not be associated with a bank employee. The person with whom they communicate will ask for bank information and personal data, but they definitely do not check access to the account. They do this to call the real bank and clear the victim’s account.

Intruders quietly manipulated Google Maps before. However, most of the previous incidents could be classified as jokes, rather than malicious acts. Poison Card data for banking fraud is a completely new hack.

There is an easy way to avoid falling into this trap. Do not rely on the contact information that you see on Google Maps for something important like a bank.

Instead, go straight to the bank’s official website. Use Google to find it if you are not sure of its address, and call only those phone numbers that are listed on the official website of the bank.

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