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The worst passwords of 2018

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The worst passwords of 2018
Making a really good password is not easy. Worse, this is a task that many people find not so important. You only need to look at the list of the most common passwords of this year for proof.

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Like the last 7 years, SplashData again shared the 25 most widely used passwords on the Internet.

Taking the first place on the chart again turned out to be phenomenally bad 123456. Under the second number was the same password in the opposite direction. Actually, these two passwords should be considered as 1a and 1b, a poor choice of password. No site anywhere should allow users to select any of them as a password. However, in 2018 they are the most commonly used passwords.

Moving to third place in the list was 123456789. We remind you that adding a few additional characters does not automatically improve the password. This doubles the predictability of the sequence.

A few new additions to the list seem to indicate that many people fall into the same bad habit as Kanye West. West, you may recall, accidentally discovered that the PIN for his iPhone was 000000 during his visit to the Oval Office. Although this particular code did not appear on the list, 111111 and 666666 did so.

And speaking of the Oval Office, another new entry on the list for 2018: Donald. It would be a terrible choice, even if it was not the name of the president. Words that appear in the dictionary and names are a vulnerability for hackers. This makes "password", "princess", "welcome", "football", "monkey" equally bad.

Now there is one password in the list, which at first glance looks inappropriate. At number 20 there is an interesting password:! @ # $% ^ & *. Although this may look like a complicated combination, it’s actually just the result of holding Shift and pressing numbers from 1 to 8 on the keyboard. Remember, this does not trick the automatic password cracking tool, nor does the qwerty password.

I hope you have not found one of your passwords here. If found, maybe it's time to check out the password management application. There are many good options like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, and KeePass.

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