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New virus for hacking uses meme pictures

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New virus for hacking uses meme pictures
Now you are unlikely to be able to scroll through the entire news feed without meeting at least one meme. They are everywhere, and they are not just sent to laugh.

Often known Internet resources, upon registration, send an SMS message with an account confirmation code to the phone number specified during registration. So that attackers could not find out your number, take a virtual number to confirm SMS, there are both free numbers for test messages and individual ones.

Now, it seems that memes are used as a hidden way to send commands to computers infected with malware.

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a Twitter account that hides messages inside images - a technique called steganography. The account was created in 2017, but basically it was idle until two months ago. It was then that the memes of the Matrix of Morpheus appeared.

Despite the fact that criminal hackers often use popular sites such as Twitter, Google Docs or Pastebin as a kind of remote control for their malware, using steganography in this case is an interesting twist. An erratic text may arouse suspicion, but a meme is unlikely to cause too much surprise.

The trend found an unexpected interaction with this particular account after the discovery of a new strain of malware. When activated on an infected machine, the trojan begins to monitor updates on Twitter. The images contained hidden “print” commands that told the trojan to take a screenshot and send it back to their criminal controllers. This is a trick that malware creators use when they want to steal usernames, passwords, and credit card information from their victims.

The Trojan has other possibilities. He can collect a list of files from an infected computer, see which programs are running, find out who is logged on to the computer, and write down any data that is copied to the clipboard.

There are speculations indicating that the malware is not yet fully implemented. Whoever is behind this new trojan can still fine tune it, so we probably have not heard of the latest of this malicious computer virus.

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