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Windows Sandbox Bulletproof Malware Protection

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Windows Sandbox Bulletproof Malware Protection
It is probably hard to say which applications are safe and trustworthy and which are not. Installing a program that turns out to be malicious, and there is no way to undo actions? This may change soon if your computer is running Windows 10 Professional.

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Microsoft Introduces New Sandbox Feature This is like a sandbox that makes Google Chrome (and therefore the new version of Microsoft Edge) so hard to crack, but it can protect the entire Windows operating system, not just one application.

Windows Sandbox is a "lightweight virtual environment." You can think of it as a computer equivalent: what happens in the sandbox remains in the sandbox. The changes there do not affect your actual Windows.

Malicious programs launched in the Windows sandbox will not be able to crack your files or steal passwords. They are completely isolated from the rest of your system.

This includes hardware, which means that malware cannot infect the flash drive that you left connected, your printer, or anything else that might be connected.

No matter how malicious a piece of malware can be, its effect is contained in the sandbox. Close the Sandbox and everything will return in place.

There are other reasons why you can start Windows Sandbox. You can use it to browse websites without leaving a trace of your activity.

It can also help with troubleshooting. Windows Sandbox works like a brand new, completely clean installation of Windows 10. This can come in handy if you are trying to determine if the application is running or Windows is to blame.

When can you use Windows Sandbox? It is believed that this feature will appear in the update for Windows 10 in the spring of 2019.

Do not forget, this is considered a Pro-level function. Your computer will need to run Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise and meet several hardware requirements, otherwise you will not be able to use Windows Sandbox.

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