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Microsoft complicates work with the built-in antivirus Windows 10

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Microsoft complicates work with the built-in antivirus Windows 10
In the spring of 2019, Microsoft will release another major update for Windows 10. You can expect a long list of changes and several completely new features. One of these new features will help protect your computer from malware.

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This new feature will be added to Windows Defender, a built-in antivirus application that Microsoft ships with Windows 10. This is an unassuming option added to many security options that can be turned on and off.

This is called unauthorized access protection, and it does what it says. When it is turned on, it prevents people or programs from communicating with your Windows security settings.

Many third-party antivirus applications have long included this feature. An application can protect you from malware only if it works.

That is why many malicious programs try to get the key to work as soon as it gets to the computer. If successful, things can quickly go from bad to worse. The same goes for user error. Someone who doesn’t quite know what he is clicking on can easily open the door for malware.

Unauthorized access protection is similar to another Windows 10 security feature. Microsoft added access to controlled folders in Windows 10 in the summer of 2017. Access to controlled folders does not allow applications to make changes to files in any folder that you choose to protect, regardless of whether they are clearly malicious or simply unfamiliar.

These are serious security features that can make a big difference to Windows users.

Remember that you will not find Protection against unauthorized access in the Windows security settings until a spring update appears. Once you receive the update, enable Tamper Protection and leave it enabled.

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