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Google Shields Chromebook from USB Attacks

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Google Shields Chromebook from USB Attacks
The ubiquity of USB has made it a common cyber attack vector. The criminal can approach the car, calmly insert the USB flash drive into the PC without causing suspicion, and damage the entire network. It only takes a few seconds, but the damage done may be permanent.

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That's why Google is taking action to protect Chromebook users. The company has developed a simple but effective configuration of the Chrome operating system, which will greatly complicate their hacking through USB ports.

The function is called USBGuard. Simply put, it prevents any USB devices from interacting with Chrome OS if the system is locked. Ports can provide power to a malicious flash drive or mouse, but USBGuard will prevent any code from executing.

Of course, this is not a reliable solution. There is always a chance that you can sit down at the table with a Chromebook, not notice that someone has connected something, and log back in. This may open the door for malware to enter your system.

However, it’s quite easy to develop the habit of checking your computer for obvious signs of hacking before you start using it. The security of your data is worth a second (or its share) to look at its ports and make sure that everything looks as it should.

USBGuard will appear on the Chromebook in the near future. For now, users who want to try it can enable it by opening the chrome: // flags page.

The concept of USBGuard should sound familiar. This is very similar to the Apple feature implemented on the iPhone and iPad, which was designed to prevent certain hardware screen lock bypasses. If the iPhone or iPad has been idle for more than an hour, iOS now requires users to unlock their devices before allowing a USB connection.

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