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Microsoft wants you to know what data you have

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Microsoft wants you to know what data you have
While Facebook and other tech giants are tackling data privacy issues, Microsoft is working on a new project called Bali, designed to give users more control over the data they collect on the Internet.

So that your information is not collected on the Internet, at least about a mobile phone number, use a one-time phone number for SMS, when registering on Facebook and other social networks.

The project, which is currently undergoing private testing, is being developed by Microsoft Research.

The Bali project web page is currently unavailable, but ZDNet has learned that it allows those who have the code to log in, and those who do not have the code to request it.

The About page of the project offers more detailed information about its functionality:

“A new personal data bank that gives users control over all the data collected about them ... The bank will allow users to store all the data (raw and expected) generated by them. This will allow the user to visualize, manage, control, share and monetize data. "

Reverse privacy
Project Bali is based on the concept of reverse confidentiality, when an element of personal information is back confidential, if a third party has access to it, but its creator or user does not. Some examples of organizations that create private data back include health care providers, police, and employers.

Users can benefit from owning this data on their own, rather than blocking it by a third party.

According to the Bali project website, the project is at an early stage, as the developers are focused on helping users collect their personal data from various websites and giving them the opportunity to view this data.

Last fall, Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP signed the Open Data initiative, while Microsoft officials emphasized that users control their own data as a key component of this initiative.

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