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Charity through Google Assistant

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Charity through Google Assistant
Just a few weeks after the Christmas donation app’s Google Play Store’s new features appeared, Google’s AI Assistant is distributing goodwill with the new donation feature, although it is currently only available in the United States.

When registering in some applications or sites, you often need to confirm your phone number. For this, we have a service for confirming SMS, it works completely free of charge.

You can now donate using the Google Smart Assistant on your smartphone or using a compatible smart display or smart speaker. No matter which device you use, in any case, as a security measure, you need to give final confirmation on your smartphone.

When we enter the new year with many good intentions and decisions that are unlikely to last a month, what could be better than a donation to charity?

As we mentioned earlier, this feature is currently only available in the United States - although, given that the Google Play donation page has also been deployed in Europe, we expect to see our own Google assistant. Soon this feature will be available in other countries.

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