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Android applications will run on Google Fuchsia OS

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Android applications will run on Google Fuchsia OS
According to news, the new Google Fuchsia OS will support Android apps, according to a new post posted on the Android open source project website.

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The memo seen by 9to5Google suggests that Fuchsia will use a special version of Android Runtime to run Android applications, which means that users will not have to give up the applications they are counting on when the update finally arrives.

When it will be is not yet clear. Right now, the suggestion is that Fuchsia will start working on smart home devices over the next three years, and a full public release will be released over the next five years.

However, the reality is that we just don't know when the new operating system will be launched.

What is Google Fuchsia OS?
According to rumors, Fuchsia OS is a multi-functional Android-Meet-Chrome operating system. Still in development, it looks like it will be a “hybrid” OS, which means that the operating system will consist of two separate but connected user interfaces.

According to 9to5Google, these two user interfaces consist of a telephone-oriented interface code-named “Armadillo” and a traditional desktop user interface known as “Capybara”.

Simply put, Fuchsia OS looks like Google’s way of combining Chrome and Android into a single, more efficient operating system, but when it finally becomes available to the public is still unknown.

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