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Artificial Intelligence Employment Threat

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Artificial Intelligence Employment Threat
When AI is not proclaimed as the next new imperative, it pretends to be a grim reaper called to destroy humanity or at least steal our work. After the industrial revolution, automation gradually replaced the workforce, from the jacquard machine and agricultural mechanization to automated cash registers and online accounting software. In fact, almost all business applications created today are still based on traditional software. When it comes to jobs, people will continue to work with automated systems, roles will evolve to be responsible for managing new, complex systems, and human decision-making will go hand in hand with their development.

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Although many senior software engineers at technology companies instruct the executive team to “implement AI,” they still deal with business applications based on conventional software. In a world where about 95 percent of ATM transactions use COBOL, and while a number of products are still built on top of decades-old code, AI headers distract from real-world software reliability issues.

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