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US intends to take the lead in quantum computing

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US intends to take the lead in quantum computing
It is expected that the US Congress will finally approve a bill that will contribute to the development of quantum computing technology, which will be used to increase the country's cybersecurity.

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The bill was approved by the Senate last week, and as soon as it is signed by the House of Representatives, it is expected to be signed by President Trump, whose administration has made new technology a top priority.

Currently, the US is trying to keep up with China in the race to develop quantum computing technologies, which can have huge consequences for both national security and the cybersecurity community.

Senator John Thune, who is a charisma in the Commercial Committee, emphasized the importance of developing quantum computing technology after the Senate bill passed, saying:

“Creating a national quantum program is essential to maintain our position as world leaders in science and technology.”

National Quantum Initiative Program
The potential of quantum computing to break into modern encryption methods and develop more effective ways to encrypt data in the future will make it a priority not only for the United States, but also for other countries.

If the bill is passed, it will create the National Quantum Initiative Program, which will help accelerate research and development over the next 10 years.

The program will coordinate the efforts of the White House Office of Scientific and Technological Policy to support and promote quantum computing in the creation of national research centers of the Ministry of Energy, which will receive funding of $ 25 million per year.

Both Congress and the Trump administration have already invested heavily in quantum computing research, and funding from the Department of Science in this area has nearly doubled to the $ 120 million allocated for fiscal year 2019.

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