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Trend Micro Marks Free HolaVPNs As Unsafe

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Trend Micro Marks Free HolaVPNs As Unsafe
A new Trend Micro study has shed light on the fact that the free VPN software HolaVPN and its subsidiary Luminati service pose a significant risk to user security.

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The security company analyzed 100 million anonymously scanned URLs to show that every computing device with the free version of HolaVPN installed is actually an output node monetized by the commercial Luminati service, which sells the bandwidth of VPN users to third parties, offering a residential proxy network .

A Trend Micro study found that 85 percent of the traffic in the data set was directed to mobile advertising and other mobile domains and programs. This indicates that cybercriminals could potentially use the service for large-scale click fraud schemes.

A link was also found with the KlikVip software managers with traffic passing through Luminati.

Insecure VPN Risks
While using a VPN can help protect your online activity, using the wrong VPN can jeopardize both you and your systems, and this is especially true for HolaVPN users accessing the service from a corporate environment.

Trend Micro's findings showed that the user's machine becomes one of the Luminati output nodes after installing the free version of HolaVPN. If this computer is part of a corporate network, it can provide unknown third parties with an easy way to crack the company's systems.

HolaVPN has the potential to allow attackers to bypass corporate firewalls and use them to research the company's internal network for vile purposes.

In addition to this, the bandwidth of HolaVPN users is sold through Luminati, and their machines may eventually become part of the network-supported botnet. Cybercriminals can take advantage of this access to the user's system to perform various illegal or unauthorized actions on their computers.

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