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Huawei announces serious cybersecurity

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Huawei announces serious cybersecurity
Huawei has unveiled a multi-billion dollar spending plan to boost its cybersecurity performance as it continues to tackle suspicions around the world about its equipment.

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The Chinese mobile communications giant has announced that it will increase its headcount and modernize research and development as part of a major investment. Costs are part of Huawei's “integrated product development” program, known as IPD 2.0, which will allow Huawei to invest in new products and technologies in its portfolio.

The company hopes the plan will help alleviate global concerns that its equipment is being used to monitor the Chinese state, the allegations it has consistently refuted.

Huawei Security Confirmation
This news was revealed during a wide press conference held with the participation of international media and Huawei rotating chairman Ken Hu.

Hu Jintao noted that there have been no serious cyber security incidents in the past 30 years, and the company has an independent security laboratory on its main campus in Shenzhen.

He added that Huawei is open to building new cybersecurity assessment centers in places like the US and Australia, after launching similar centers in the UK, Canada and Germany.

“We believe that cybersecurity is a global issue,” Hu said. “This is a problem for the entire industry, and we must solve it together.”

“Huawei has undergone the most rigorous scrutiny and scrutiny by regulators and customers, while expressing an understanding of the legitimate concerns that some stakeholders may have,” the company said in a statement.

“No evidence indicates that Huawei equipment poses a security risk,” he added, “Huawei remains open to concerns about its openness, transparency and independence, as well as dialogue. Any evidence may be passed on to telecom operators or the public at large. "

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