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Symantec - Protecting Critical Infrastructure

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Symantec - Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Symantec announces a new proposal, which, he said, will significantly help increase the security of critical infrastructure in key industries around the world.

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Neural's new Industrial Control Protection System (ICSP) is the industry’s first neural network and scanning station to protect critical infrastructure and operational technologies while protecting against potential catastrophic cyber attacks.
Symantec says that these energy providers and manufacturing facilities are now facing greater cyber threats than ever, as hackers seek to expand their attack horizons and provide effective protection using an easy-to-understand and use platform.

USB attacks
This includes the threat of hackers using USB devices to access critical networks, a tactic that was discovered as a result of the devastating effect in the Stuxnet Trojan several years ago.
However, many mission-critical infrastructure systems rely on USB devices to deliver much-needed updates to frequently obsolete systems. The new version of Symantec protects against such shortcomings by constantly monitoring and protecting against malicious USB devices, even in remote locations.

“USB devices are provided at events, shared by employees, and used over and over for business and personal use, presenting the risk of accidental or intentional infection. The impact of connecting an infected device to a critical system can be devastating, ”said Patrick Gardner, senior vice president of advanced threat protection and email security at Symantec.

“ICSP Neural is modifying existing central nervous system infrastructure using artificial intelligence to protect critical infrastructure. The robust aluminum design embodies a simple, intuitive user interface that clearly highlights potential threats. ”

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