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Privoxy - Extremely Flexible Privacy Tool

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Privoxy - Extremely Flexible Privacy Tool
Privoxy can be used with any web browser, it gives you full control, but the options can be overwhelming

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Privoxy is a web proxy tool that is available not only for Mac, Windows and Linux, but also for Android and iOS. This is an extremely powerful tool, but you need to spend a little time and effort to run it.

Privoxy can be used in conjunction with any web browser, which is a big bonus; just install a browser to run your traffic through the tool.

However, one of Privoxy’s main features can also be a drawback for new users: it gives you very detailed control over your privacy settings, and setting them up is a very time-consuming process. There is a helpful quick start guide.

However, if you continue to enjoy working, this free privacy software allows you to configure advanced filters that not only ensure that you remain anonymous on the Internet, but also protect you from unwanted advertising.

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