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Super Secure Tor Browser

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Super Secure Tor Browser
Tor redirects data through a series of remote sites to mask your location.

Tor's super secure browser is the cornerstone of any privacy toolkit

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Tor Browser is probably the best known anonymous browsing tool, and it is described as a “censorship bypass tool.”

Tor Browser has extensive privacy and security features in online communities. It works by sending your message through many encrypted sites on the Internet, which makes it impossible to determine your location or other identifying information.

Tor Browser uses sophisticated technology, but is available for updating. It is based on the same code as Firefox, and helps you in the process of online access to private resources.

It uses different connection methods depending on what you are trying to achieve, but there is no need to understand the details, because the torus will take care of you. This combination of effective protection and ease of use makes Tor Browser the best free privacy software you can download today.

This is a good way to access sites that repressive authorities do not want informants to report corruption and illegal activities without firing or worsening the situation and access to a deep network.
A deep network is the Internet on the Internet, not indexed by search engines, but sites ending in the suffix .onion, access to which is possible only through Tor. As you might expect, some of these sites are secret for good reason - they share information. Check your safety and remember that the Tor browser makes it difficult to find you, but does not offer 100% anonymity.

However, there are many legitimate uses, and not only if you are a political activist. Tor can provide you with Internet access.

User experience

Tor Browser looks like Firefox and works like Firefox - because it is Firefox. It's not so fast though: onion routing makes all of your traffic much more than in a regular browser, which slows it down significantly.

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