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How to keep WhatsApp status Photos and videos without screenshots

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How to keep WhatsApp status Photos and videos without screenshots
WhatsApp-owned Facebook released a new feature last year called Status, which is essentially a clone of Snapchat Story (people don't use Snapchat much). Using the Status feature, users can share text, photos and videos with WhatsApp friends, which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. This is really useful if you are somewhere in the movies or at a football match, and want to share your impressions with friends.

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WhatsApp status is protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that only the sender and recipient can see the information, and only your selected contacts can see this status. Whenever you photograph or shoot a video, it is automatically saved in your mobile memory. But photos and videos that your friend shared in a personal or group chat, shared in WhatsApp status, cannot be saved on your mobile phone. Of course, you can always take a picture of a photo or record a video using video capture from the screen. But most likely, at the top will be the name of a friend.

The reason for saving photos and videos that your friend shares in his status may be different for everyone. If it's something impressive, funny, or educational, you can also share it with friends and family. So, we will show you how to save WhatsApp status, photos and videos on your mobile device.

Steps to Maintain WhatsApp Status Photos or videos without screenshot

Step 1. First of all, you will need a file manager application with some special features. We used the one that was “ES File Explorer”.
Step 2. Now open the ES File Explorer application and click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) located in the upper left corner of the screen.
Step 3. In this special menu you will see the option “Show hidden files”. If selected, then skip this step. If not, then click on the checkbox next to it and you will see a blue painted label.
Step 4. Now return to the main window of ES File Explorer and click “Device”. Now you can see all the folders created by various applications and games on your mobile device. Continue to scroll and find WhatsApp, click on the folder with the name “WhatsApp”.
Step 5. In the WhatsApp folder, now open Media, and then Statuses. The Statuses folder is a hidden folder that is usually not visible. It is for this reason that we asked you to complete steps 2 and 3.

Well, in this Statuses folder you will find all the photos and videos of WhatsApp of your friends.
However, keep in mind that in this Statuses folder that you have already viewed from the WhatsApp status function, photos and videos will also automatically disappear 24 hours after publication.

To save a WhatsApp photo or video status on your smartphone, you just need to copy it to another location. To do this, simply select the photo or video that you want to save. Now click “Copy,” and then paste it into a folder located elsewhere. Now you will have the video or photo you need on your mobile phone even 24 hours after your friend sends them without any screenshot.

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