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Why Android is slow and how to fix it

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Why Android is slow and how to fix it
Today we’ll talk about speeding up older Android mobile phones, so sit and read the full article. When we buy a new mobile Android, it works like lightning, but after a while it becomes slow, and over time it is completely impossible to work on it. So, what's the point of buying a new mobile phone with the latest hardware with a higher processor speed and increased RAM, if it will soon work the same as the previous mobile phone. Do you know what the problem is with your new mobile phone, why is it getting slower every day? The answer depends on many factors, such as the amount of memory, the amount of RAM used, the battery voltage, and many others. So, let's see why your Android is getting slower and how you can fix it.

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Why is your Android Mobile getting slow and the solution to this problem

1st problem: full memory
This is the most common problem in today's mobile phones. We use the phone all the time, upload new files and continue to use the mobile phone without deleting our previous downloaded files. This makes your drive on the mobile full, and because of this you may encounter problems such as poor performance. When your mobile phone is filled with unnecessary files, its memory index becomes large, and it becomes difficult for the processor to find the file from the index, so it spends more time and you feel that your smartphone is getting slower every day.

FIX: First of all, you must check your mobile storage to go through Settings -> Storage, or you can use a third-party file manager so that you can diagnose your mobile storage. Now the question is, how many files can we store without losing speed? The answer is quite simple, always try to keep 40% of the memory free. For example, if your mobile phone has 16 GB of memory, try to leave 6 GB free. Empty storage will be faster in indexing. To clear the mobile storage, you can use any third-party application, such as “es file explorer”. With the application, you can easily delete old files and folders that are no longer needed, or simply move files to an SD card.

Second problem: cached data
Each Android mobile phone supports viewing information on the Internet. For example, if you view youtube on your mobile device, it will store its videos in a special section called the cache. Now, whenever you access this video again, your mobile phone will check the data in the cache, and if your mobile finds these previously cached files, it will download this video without wasting your traffic. But over time, this cached data becomes very much, and the phone stops responding when searching for previously cached data. Thus, caching data slows down your phone.
Bugfix: to fix this problem, go to "Settings"> "Storage"> "Cache Data"> select "Clear Cache". You need to clear your cached cache data every week in order to load pages faster and your mobile phone will not freeze. Make it a habit, and I'm sure you will feel the difference in speed of your mobile phone.

3rd problem: installed applications
If a large number of applications are installed on your mobile phone, it will fail, and you will encounter a problem when switching from one application to another, but the question arises: how to fix it? The answer is actually very simple when the application is installed and running, it needs to be processed and receives some processor time, and a large number of applications take longer, so when we try to do something on our mobile device, and the processor is busy with these applications then you will feel that your mobile phone is dumb.

FIX: To solve this problem, the fix is ​​really very simple, just go to settings> application. Now you will see a complete list of applications installed on your mobile phone. just run uninstalling applications that you are not using. or if you want, you can back up your application using an application such as backing up and restoring the application.

4th problem: high RAM usage
Very full RAM can also slow down your mobile device. New Android phones are equipped with improved RAM management, but sometimes when we try to run many applications, the RAM becomes crowded and we feel that our mobile phone is slow and not working properly. A large number of installed applications can also lead to this problem, because each application that we install will store its files in RAM for quick download.

FIX: You can do a lot of things to fix this problem, for example, you can remove applications that you rarely use. One more tip: open your latest apps, and then uninstall apps you don't want to use. Make it your habit and it really will make your android faster.

5th problem: did not restart the device for a long time
If you use your phone for a long time without rebooting, it will work slowly. When we use Android without rebooting for a long time, the mobile storage of a large amount of RAM data also becomes slow because error files and logs become large, and this slows down the operation of mobile devices.

FIX: Just check the runtime in Settings -> About -> status, if the runtime of your mobile phone is more than 100 hours, just restart it. It will solve your problem, and all applications and the operating system will get a fresh start and will work faster.

These are the main reasons why your Android is getting slower. After you do all this, your mobile phone will start to work quickly. I hope this article helps you make your old mobile faster again.

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