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How to reduce traffic usage on Android Mobile

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How to reduce traffic usage on Android Mobile
In this new era of information technology, everyone has their own traffic, but it’s embarrassing when you run out of the daily traffic limit only when browsing or searching. We share some tips that you can minimize using your traffic on your Android mobile device. Most of us use many applications, such as youtube WhatsApp chrome and many other common applications, these applications consume a lot of Internet traffic, now we will consider how to reduce its consumption on an Android phone

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Steps to Reduce Traffic Usage on Android Mobile

# 1 Use Chrome Data Saver

Most of us use the Chrome browser to access the Internet, the Chrome browser is one of the fastest browsers available in the store. Chrome browser is one of the five best browsers in the world, but if we talk about Android, then between the UC browser and Chrome. It is pre-installed, so most users use chrome, but chrome consumes a lot of traffic when you start surfing the Internet. Did you know that you can reduce this data usage by using the built-in chrome data save function? You can activate this by clicking on the menu button, and then in the settings go to Advanced -> Data Warehouse and enable it. By following the procedure, you can reduce the use of traffic on your Android mobile phone while browsing the web, and this feature works even for videos. If you watch a video, it will also reduce its data.

# 2 Set data limit

You can also reduce data usage by setting a data limit on your Android mobile phone so that you don’t exceed this limit. For example, if you have a limit of 1 GB, you can set a data usage limit of 50 MB so that it gives you a notification when you reach the limit. This way you will find out that from now on you must carefully use the traffic. You can set the data limit by choosing Settings> Wireless Networks> Data Usage, and then enable the Set Data Transfer Limit.

# 3 Limit the use of background data

You can reduce traffic by limiting the use of background data. When you enable this feature for a specific application, this application will not be able to use traffic when they are in the background. You can understand this better with this example, imagine that you are restricting the source data for WhatsApp, so WhatsApp will not check or download any message and it will not be able to connect to the Internet when it is not on your screen. To do this, simply go to Settings> Mobile Networks> Data Usage. Now click the top right button in the form of three dots and click restrict the use of the background. You can do this for each application or for all mobile.

# 4 Use Opera Max

Opera Max is a VPN application that creates a virtual private network between a user and a server. But how is Opera max different from other VPN applications? Well, when Opera max servers get a request to send some data that they compress, and then the opera max application on your screen unpacks this data, this is how big data is obtained in a minimized form, so that Opera max will significantly reduce Internet costs . Currently Opera max is Samsung max, if you have a Samsung mobile phone, then you can easily download and install this application, but if you do not have a Samsung mobile phone, you need to find a third-party site where you can download the opera max apk file .

Using all the tips and recommendations above, you can reduce the use of Internet traffic on your Android mobile phone by up to 50%, and I think this is a good sign. Well, if you use 400 MB daily, then it will reduce to 200 MB. I hope this article helps you if you like tips and tricks, be sure to share this article with your friends. Share buttons on the left.

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