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How to make Windows with unique settings

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How to make Windows with unique settings
Windows is very important for a computer until you have a Mac, of course, but this old plain Windows is not cool. This is just a common thing. Everyone has the same screen and the same user interface. We accept its general views, which make it convenient for users (if you can use the same user interface on your computer, then you can use it anywhere), but then your computer is different from others. Therefore, today we will tell you some tips on which you can change your user interface.

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To configure Windows, you will need
# 1 Good desktop wallpaper
Good wallpapers are the sole of the user interface, if it looks good, then it will make the simple boring user interface interesting. You can download wallpapers from many sites, just look for HD wallpapers on Google and you will get many results. Personally, I use dark blue tones, and you can do it too. It really helps you set up a beautiful look. Just choose a beautiful wallpaper.

# 2 Using Rainmeter
Rainmeter gives you the opportunity to create and apply creative skins on your desktop, for example, we use the time and date and the menu bar. This is a powerful software that allows you to make your desktop truly creative. With this software you are limited only by your imagination and creativity, make your desktop more creative and more beautiful. Rainmeter can create any type of skins, for example, it can show you what RAM consumes and how much space is left on the disk, or you can create beautiful folders and interactive bands to show some data.
# 3 Use Launchy
Launchy is a truly innovative way to use your computer, and it offers many ways to use it. How can you call it just by pressing alt + space. Here at Launchy, you can enter something like a program or file, and you can easily access this program or file. Suppose you want to open a website, just open Launchy and enter that website and press Enter, and it will open that website in your default browser. But if you want the link to open in Chrome, just type "Chrome", now click the tab and write the site, this process will open the site in Chrome.

# 4 7+ Taskbar Tweaker
7+ Taskbar Tweaker is a customization software that helps you customize various items on the taskbar. Most of the configuration options supported by Tweaker 7+ taskbar cannot be changed using the properties of the taskbar or registry file. Tweaker is for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Thanks to these things, you can make your Windows desktop clean, elegant and most importantly exclusive.

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