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Find out what Google knows about you

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Find out what Google knows about you
Believe it or not, Google knows everything about you. You like your dislikes, your current location, the search queries you have ever done, all the services you use, applications that have access to your data. The impact of this can be good and bad, can you imagine, if all this data falls into the wrong hands, how dangerous is it? Just think if any hacker gets all your information about how disastrous it can be. Without further ado, let's see what Google knows about you.

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Let's see what Google knows about you.
# 1 Google knows all your interests
You won’t believe it, but yes, Google knows what interests you. If it's technology for the movie or any other thing, Google knows everything you like and dislike. In order to serve better ads related to you, Google creates your profile to serve relevant ads. You can control and view the information that Google has on you at this link:

# 2 Google knows your location history
We all use the Android mobile device and always keep it with us, so Google knows our location all the time, and they even record it. Well, Google uses your location history to give you the best features and performance on Google maps, but just assume that if they use it to track you or something else, it gives me goosebumps. You can view the entire history of your location by clicking this link:

# 3 Google Records your entire search history
Google records every search you ever made, even if it was 5-10 years ago, they have records of all searches you have ever done. By this they fix your interest and your likes, dislikes. Suppose if you are looking to create a website so that they know it and start showing you ads about web hosting and domains. You can check your search history here:

# 4 Google knows what services you use
Google has an account page that reports all the Google services you use. You can even enable or disable these services, just try, you can see all your services at this link:

# 5 View all applications that have access to your Google account
The Account Activity page provides a list of applications that have any type of access to your Google data. All of these applications can access your Google credentials. You can determine exactly what permissions are granted to these applications, and you can deny access to your data from this page. To see the list of applications, just click here:

# 6 You can export all Google data
Yes, you can export all your Google data, such as chrome bookmarks, your emails, contacts, disc files, profile information, your YouTube videos, photos and your search results. You can get it from here:

I hope you now protect your Google account, because if someone gets access to it, it can be really dangerous. you can imagine how dangerous it is. This article should tell you what Google knows about you, and sometimes they know more about you than you do. If you like this article, share it with your friends.

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