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What you can do with iPad (using iPad)

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What you can do with iPad (using iPad)
Today I will tell you what you can do with the iPad. So sit and read the full article. Personally, I have an iPad mini, and I'm pretty much satisfied with its work. My iPad mini gives me about 8-10 hours on time and I fully use it on Wi-Fi. Suppose that if you do not use it, it can be turned on for several days, you can compare its battery with Nokia 1100 mobile phones. All this means that we have a very powerful machine, but did you know what you can do with iPad or iPad mini? Let's figure it out.

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Some things you can do with iPad
# 1 Use as a second monitor or screen.
With applications such as dual display or air display, you can use your iPad as an additional monitor. It will start working as an additional monitor with your Windows or Mac. These apps send video signals to your iPad, and that signal will show all the graphics on your iPad. Before you start using it, you will need to get used to it. The small iPad is not capable of showing much on the screen, but it is better than nothing.

# 2 Read books
You can use your iPad to read e-books. Personally, I use my iPad mini for this purpose very often, and I have a library of more than 2000 books, which you can also collect and transfer to your iPad. All iPads are made for students, so they are really good at e-books and they give a good reading experience. You can find any words meaning just typing that word. So start reading.

# 3 Photo Editing
iPads can also be used for image editing, and they provide many image editing applications. Assembly is also available in the photo editor, and you can crop the image or change its contrast brightness and many other aspects. Many filters are also present to change the look of your image. You can also draw an image or write a caption on the image.
# 4 Sketch
You can use the iPad to sketch, and create digital art. The application has many functions for drawing and sketching. You can create a beautiful landscape or sketch on the iPad. Most digital art is done on the iPad, you can see the iPad videos on YouTube for more details.

# 5 Portable TV
Ipad can also be used as a portable TV, there are many hardware available that can allow you to freely go on the air channels. Many other applications are also available that can replace your TV, for example, Netflix, TVF and many others. You can use these applications to replace your TV.

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