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World of Trucks Account at Euro Truck 2

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World of Trucks Account at Euro Truck 2
Check out how to create your Euro Truck Simulator 2 account to start an online game!

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TruckersMP account and
an account for World of Trucks is two different things. These are two external services for this game, which have their own functions (an account in WoT is also useful offline). Below you can read about the benefits of having a WoT account:
Social features (photo sharing, access to the WoT forum, etc.),
New achievements
Ability to create your own registration number,
Additional contracts from the Internet (additional information at the end of the chapter),
The opportunity to participate in special events through WoT (for example, Christmas special).

Account creation
The game offers you the opportunity to combine your game profile with an online account through worldoftrucks - an online account and a World of Trucks account in Euro Truck 2.
The game offers you the opportunity to combine your game profile with an online account through By doing this, you can share your photos with other players, earn extra achievements or have your own registration number. Unfortunately, this does not give you the opportunity to save the game in the cloud. The site is very easy to navigate, which means that even inexperienced players can easily use it.

Linking your game profile to your account
Click the "Connect Profile to the World of Trucks" button on the character selection screen. But before you do this, you must create an account on this site. Open a browser, enter and click "JOIN NOW". Then select the appropriate option for you - if you have a game on Steam, select the option that allows you to join this program, etc. Now you need to complete the registration process. It's not complicated, but you should follow the instructions anyway.

Profile Editing
Complete the registration process and log in. After that, you will automatically go to "My page". Here you can see all your statistics, general photos and achievements.
Go to the “Profile Settings” tab, where you can change the registration form, select a country and avatar (figure). The World of Trucks at Euro Truck 2 | First Steps - Multiplayer - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide.
Your account is visible to all players in multiplayer mode.

Contracts from the Internet
The list of external contracts - where you can take the mission, is shown on the map.
The option to select “External Contracts” is now available on the “Select Job Type” screen. There you can select tasks created by WoT. These contracts are the same for all players. Thanks to this, you can find the same mission and complete it with other players. Useful for organizing games with friends or for compiling convoys created in numerous forums. Contracts are presented on the map and in a certain range, so all players must be close to each other if they want to participate in the same transport.
Important: each external contract has a different term (time in the game is not taken into account, in real time). In addition, all players participating in this contract receive a speed limit of 90 km / h, including servers without speed limits.

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