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Register Rocket league at FACEIT

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Register Rocket league at FACEIT
If you already have a FACEIT account and another game associated with your account and you want to add a Rocket league, please follow these steps to make sure that you have correctly linked your account.

Confirm your game account will help a temporary virtual number for receiving SMS

If you already have a game like CSGO, hover over the game icon in the upper left corner.

The icon, along with the name of the game that you registered, will then disappear and turn into a “game."

From here you can click on “games” and it will list all the games that we can currently host on the platform. Just find the Rocket League logo.

After you click on the logo, you are automatically sent to the main page of the Rocket League, where you can then register your Rocket League game account on the platform.

Then you will see a pop-up window asking you to register your game on Steam or XBOX. If you have an XBOX game and a Steam Rocket League, make sure you choose it correctly, as this is the only account you should always play with when using the platform to ensure that matches are updated correctly after the game is completed.

For Xbox and Steam, you will be asked to confirm the link to your accounts by logging into your account to activate them. This is done securely only through a secure Steam login system and the process of logging into your Microsoft XBOX account.

Once you have registered your account, just click the connect button at the bottom of the main pop-up window to complete the process.
After a successful connection, you will see a change in the main window with the ability to click the play button and confirm the success of registering your account.

Make sure you link the appropriate account by checking the integration settings on your profile to confirm that your correct Steam or Xbox gamertag ID has been associated with your FACEIT account.

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