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Mobile Number Privacy
Mobile number protection is the protection of a user's phone number from unwanted access. Protecting cell phone numbers is becoming increasingly important as smartphones and the systems with which they interact, such as mobile applications, are distributed. Despite a growing awareness of the need for security on mobile devices, the need to protect the number itself has not been properly addressed.

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Unlike landline phones, mobile phones are usually connected to one person. Mobile phone numbers are increasingly being used as unique identifiers and shared with various websites, applications and institutions, some of which may also be shared with third parties. Phone numbers are used similarly to social security numbers by many organizations that collect them. However, unlike SSNs, organizations are not required by law to block mobile numbers. In addition, a mobile number can provide much more information than a social security number, since it is connected to a very large number of databases, and the device itself usually belongs to the user.

Privacy experts recommend that mobile phone users refrain from providing their numbers whenever possible, and carefully consider any facility requesting a mobile number before providing it. There are many types of applications and services designed to ensure the confidentiality of a mobile number. For example, is a service that allows users to rent a viral number if necessary, while maintaining their original number in anonymity. The site provides people with temporary minor numbers that can be used in situations where there is no need for the user to have constant access to them.

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