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Why you need a Google business account

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Why you need a Google business account
This tool holds immense significance in enhancing the visibility, discoverability, and credibility of your brand or business.

There are numerous advantages associated with utilizing this potent tool, regardless of the industry you operate in. If you are contemplating the creation of a profile, allow me to guide you through the myriad benefits that your business can attain from establishing a Google My Business Page.


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1. Amplify Online Presence/ Achieve Prominence in Google Search Results


Establishing a Google My Business Profile stands as the most efficacious strategy for augmenting your online presence. One compelling rationale for acquiring a Google My Business Profile lies in the fact that the world is increasingly embracing a digital orientation, making it imperative for you to establish an online presence that keeps you ahead of or ahead of local competitors.


Enhancing your brand's visibility not only fosters brand awareness but also attracts a greater number of potential customers. By accurately setting up your profile with the appropriate address, business category, operating hours (opening and closing times), phone number, and website, you facilitate potential customers in locating you online. Simply listing your business on Google My Business positions your brand to be discovered in Google search results, thereby increasing the likelihood of being found online.



2. Customer Insights


Understanding your customers grants you valuable insights on how to cater to them or better serve their needs. Google My Business furnishes you with insights into your target customers, their geographical location, and their engagement with your business.


By exploring the insights section of your Google My Business Profile, you can ascertain what actions your customers are taking. You can discern whether they are seeking your store location, clicking on your website, perusing your products, or contacting your business. Armed with this information, you can adapt your strategies, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and enhance your business accordingly.



3. Promote Your Products


Promoting your products and raising awareness about them is crucial. Running advertisements to market a product can be expensive, but with a Google My Business Profile, you can do it for free.


A Google My Business listing offers an excellent platform to promote your products. Ensuring accurate product listings and regularly updating your profile are vital for successful search engine optimization (SEO).



Methods to Promote Your Product on Google My Business Profile:


Offer Pages: These serve as billboards within your Google My Business Profile, showcasing your products and special offers. They appear above customer reviews, accompanied by enticing product images that prompt shoppers to make impulse purchases.


Events: If you have upcoming events or promotions, your Google My Business Profile allows you to schedule and provide details about the location and timing. This enables interested individuals to attend and take advantage of the offers.



4. Enhance Visibility in Google Map Search


Approximately 90% of people use Google Maps to locate nearby businesses. Having a Google My Business Profile makes it easier and more convenient for customers to find and visit your store, ultimately increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.



5. Boost Sales Through Reviews


The majority of consumers prefer reading product or service reviews before making a purchase decision. Google My Business enables customers to leave feedback on your business, which is visible to other potential customers. By encouraging reviews, you can enhance trust, credibility, and ultimately increase sales.

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