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Google Pixel Fold shortages show it could be this year’s hottest foldable

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Google Pixel Fold shortages show it could be this year’s hottest foldable
The priciest Pixel Fold model is out of stock. Foldable phones remain niche devices for most phone buyers for the time being, and the Google Pixel Fold could have been all the more so – after all, it’s the company’s first foldable, and Google doesn’t sell anywhere near as many phones as the likes of Samsung at the best of times. But early signs suggest there could be quite a lot of demand for the Pixel Fold.

That’s because – as spotted by Android Headlines – the top model of the Pixel Fold (which comes with 512GB of storage) is currently sold out in the US. Head to Google’s online store and you’ll be directed to join the waitlist if you select this model.


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That’s promising news for anyone who wants to see the Pixel Fold or foldables in general do well. Though it’s worth noting that this model isn’t sold out in the UK, and the base 256GB model is still available to pre-order in both regions.


That’s despite the 256GB version likely being the more popular of the two (especially as it’s relatively affordable (if such words dared be used for phones at around this price point) at $1,799 / £1,749 compared to a massive $1,919 / £1,869 for the 512GB version).


As such, it’s very likely that Google made far fewer units of the 512GB version, so its 'sold out' status doesn’t necessarily suggest there’s super-high demand. Nevertheless, it’s a promising sign all the same.


Google Pixel Fold


A while to wait and lots of competition

If you do want that particular model in the US, then you can join Google’s waitlist, though there’s no current indication of when the device will be back up for pre-order. But even if you order the 256GB version you won’t be getting it before June 27, as that’s when the phone actually ships. Note that the foldable isn't available to pre-order from other retailers like Amazon until June 20.


By then, there might not be too much longer to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. With the Motorola Razr 2023 and the first OnePlus foldable phone also on the horizon there should be plenty of choice for foldable phone fans this year.


But whichever one you choose to buy, it’s just nice to seemingly see demand for this style of device at all.

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