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What is "augmented intelligence" and why is it better than artificial intelligence

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People now need to make a choice between two options. The first is the automation of various processes and the replacement of a human by a robot, the second is the use of technology to improve human abilities (augmented intelligence).

Today, in factories and factories, many processes are already automated. And this is not the only way to use artificial intelligence. The neural network is even capable of creating various works of art.


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As for improving the abilities of people (and this implies augmented intelligence), such an idea was first proposed in 1960 by the American psychologist and computer scientist Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. He had a significant impact on the development of such technologies. Now, for example, there are special technologies that help to properly park. In general, the main idea of augmented intelligence is to put people first, and technology second. When using artificial intelligence and striving for automation, the opposite is true.


Why is augmented intelligence still better than replacing humans with robots? The author notes that people themselves are very flexible, unlike machines. This allows them to find an individual approach to clients. Therefore, it would probably be wiser to improve the capabilities of workers: for example, introduce robotic exoskeleton suits. This will allow them to approach the robots in terms of capabilities.


Experts also doubt that a fully autonomous car will be able to work effectively. First of all, in this case it will be necessary to make sure that the roads are suitable primarily not for people, but for cars. And if you often use such cars, then driving skills will deteriorate. In this case, one can also refer to the creation and application of technologies that will make the driver a “superman”. For example, the system can warn of an accident, ice, etc. Thanks to this, a person will be able to “see” everything around, including what is happening a few kilometers away from him.


And it is precisely because of the possibility of improving human abilities that we can say that augmented intelligence is better than artificial intelligence, because it allows you to create a “superman”.

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