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Mozilla VPN unveils major security boost

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Mozilla VPN unveils major security boost
Split tunneling is now available in Mozilla VPN on iOS and Android

Mozilla VPN users will now be able to choose which apps they want to use the company's VPN service as Mozilla has launched a new split tunneling feature.


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Since its launch last year, the Firefox maker has added a number of new features to its VPN while also making it available on more platforms and in even more countries.

Now as a result of user feedback, Mozilla has added split tunneling to its VPN and this feature allows users to divide their internet traffic by choosing which apps will connect through an encrypted VPN tunnel and which ones will connect to an open network.

Split tunneling is available for Mozilla VPN on both iOS and Android and once enabled, users will be able to prioritize how each of their apps connect to the internet when their VPN is turned on. This feature can be quite useful as users can secure apps that manage downloads, file-sharing and browsing with a VPN while still being able to use apps such as Netflix that often block VPN connections.


Captive portal

In addition to split tunneling, Mozilla recently added a new feature that allows users of its VPN service to connect to public Wi-Fi securely.

With a VPN enabled, users may be blocked from seeing a café or public Wi-Fi network's landing page also known as a captive portal which they need to interact with in order to connect. 

For this reason, Mozilla VPN will now show a notification to let users know that they'll need to turn off their VPN before connecting. Once connected, they'll receive a separate notification letting them know they can now connect using the company's VPN service.

Finally Mozilla has announced that it will continue to honor the $4.99 subscription fee for users from the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand that signed up for its VPN service when it first launched last year. However, new customers in these countries that sign up now can still get the same low monthly rate by opting for a 12 month Mozilla VPN subscription.

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