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How to unlock Android Mobile password protected

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How to unlock Android Mobile password protected
Hi friends, Today I will tell you how to unlock Android lock if you forget the password. You can also use this tutorial to unlock any Android device, i.e. an Android mobile phone.

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Note: - Because it is hard reset, First, back up all data from mobile devices. And remove the memory card and Sim card.

If you do not know how to backup, see the next topic.

 "How to backup and restore Android Mobile"

How /

1. First turn off your Android mobile phone.

2. Hold down the power and volume buttons.

3. Now you will see a screen displaying “Android System Recovery”.

4. Now select the third option [“Wipe Data / Factory Reset”] with the volume key and press the center menu key.

5. Now select the "Yes" option using the same keys.

6. Now, he will make a "Reset".

7. Now select the "Reboot / Restart" option. Your phone is now unlocked.

 Note. If you did not find the 4th option "Wipe Data / Factory Reset", then apply this step instead of the 4th item: [Down Volume key + Key Menu + Power Key].

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