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Protecting information with SIMonline

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Protecting information with SIMonline
The implementation of economic activities using the Internet, the application of products and services, the use of plastic cards, access to classified informative resources, the provision of telephone conversations and the receipt of SMS messages call for the provision of an appropriate degree of security. Confidential business information that is transmitted according to the Web goes through some numbers of routers and servers, first of all, rather than reaching the destination. As a rule, routers do not monitor the data flowing through their flows, but there is a possibility that the data may be intercepted. Still, the data can be changed and transmitted to the addressee in a modified version. Unfortunately, the structure of the Web network itself constantly preserves the likelihood for a "bad" user to implement similar actions.

It is always difficult to provide the required degree of security and effectiveness of activities on the Internet. In some cases, by users or consumers, measures to ensure security can be regarded as measures to limit access and performance. Nevertheless, such tools, like cryptography, make it possible to significantly increase the level of protection, without restricting users' access to data.

One of the types of information protection is hiding the number of your personal mobile phone. So when registering on various sites, the latter require confirmation of identity by entering their phone number, which receives SMS from the site. When sites require a phone number to which they will send an SMS message with a verification code, you cannot enter a non-existent number because you cannot receive a message to confirm that you are a real person. By this, site administrators secured themselves and their site by protection from unscrupulous users, or bots that are registered just like that. However, you can still receive SMS online, our service provides a unique opportunity to receive SMS messages to virtual numbers in Ukraine. To register in various social networks and resources that can be accessed only by phone number, you no longer have to run to the market for a new temporary SIM card, it can be purchased online and at a more reasonable price, for any period of time, whether it be one hour or a week , all messages from all resources where you will be registered and stored in the database of your personal account will be sent to the virtual number. The SIMonline user, at any time, even at the end of the virtual number rental period, will be able to read the received SMS in his personal archive of numbers. So be sure that the protection of your personal numbers is the first task that SIMONline sms online reception service performs.

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