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How to open a blocked website

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How to open a blocked website
Your school, colleges or parents forbid you to use social networking sites such as Facebook, VK, twitter, pinterest, msn, etc.

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There are several options for accessing these blocked sites.

1. Network proxy: a proxy server that allows you to bypass restricted sites. A proxy server that sends requests and responses unchanged is usually called a gateway. A proxy server is used to connect web pages with different IP addresses. Find any proxy sites.

2. Url shortener: Url shortener is a redirection service that can be used as an alternative to a proxy server.

3. Google Mobile View: Google Mobile Search also works as a proxy server. it disables all javascript, css source codes and converts the web page into simple Html pages for quick loading.

* Just put this address in the address bar and replace with banned or restricted sites


4. Google translate: Translator is used to translate a web page from one language to another. Google Translate is a service that indirectly displays web pages from a server to a translator page.

5. Pdf viewer: Pdf viewer simply converts a web page into PDF documents for offline reading. Thus, it can also be used to crawl sites that have been blocked.

6. Change the IP address. Each computer has a unique identifier, which is known as an IP address that identifies the user's location.

So, if you can change the IP address, it can bypass sites. Many sites are available on the Internet to get free IP addresses and a port.

 as /

  * Open proxy settings in your browser

  * Select the proxy server setting and enter the IP address and port below, and then save the changes.

                     ip = 183,207,228,51

                     port = 80

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