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How to record a WhatsApp Video Call

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How to record a WhatsApp Video Call
Though WhatsApp may not have been the pioneer that started video calling, they are just as good as everyone else today. And with video calling quality that is both crisp and fine, they’re a big player in the landscape. Personally, I prefer to use video calling if there’s internet available. And you also prefer that too. But there are moments that are that you’d like to keep it. So you might now be asking the question as to how to record a WhatsApp Video Call.

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Well, the fact of the matter is that it’s easier than recording audio. Whereas in recording audio calls for WhatsApp, there are some compatibility issues that might stop you. Whether you’re using the PC app or the mobile app, recording can be easy. For this article, I’ll be focusing on the mobile app since most are using it. Let’s jump in!

WhatsApp Video Call Recording
Recording WhatsApp Video calls are quite straightforward to do. Basically, we’re going to take advantage of apps that record video. If you already have your preferred video recorder, it’s even easier for you. Just open your preferred app to record video whenever you receive a call and it will start recording the moment for you. And depending on the settings that you’ve set up, you’ll have high-quality recordings or lighter low-quality recordings.

Whichever way you like it, here are some of the best video recording software for Android:

- DU Recorder
- AZ Screen Recorder
- Mobizen Screen Recorder

And there are many more options in the Google Play Store! Generally, the features that these screen recorders offer are the same. Most of them have a floating window that allows easy access to the recording feature. And there are some that even take a step further that activate based on some shortcuts that you use. For some of these, you can even take snapshots or photos while you’re recording video, which is a nice feature. But the feature that we require the most from these apps is the ability to record both video and audio at the same time.

Recording Video, Audio, and Microphone
Though it sounds very trivial, the ability to record both video and audio is surprisingly a feature that not all apps have. You also have to note that not all video apps record dual channel recording. Dual channel audio recording means you can record both the microphone and the speaker at the same time. Since in Android, only one app can be using the microphone at a time, you usually won’t be able to record your end of the call. However, there are some phones that enable this.

Usually, the top of the line phones let you record Video, Audio, and Microphone for WhatsApp. There are some non-flagship phones that enable recording of the microphone while you’re using it. If you own one of these phones, then you’re in luck because you can record everything that happens. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to record the video feed and the audio from the video feed. It’s not that much of an issue if you’re only after the video.

Another downside is that using recording apps will capture everything. Which means that any notifications, volume sliders and other things on screen will be captured. Currently, there are no apps that can tap directly onto the video feed.

Nevertheless, let me walk you through on how to record WhatsApp video calls using the best apps. They generally operate the same, so I’ll tackle one of the apps I listed above.

DU Recorder
I tackled DU Recorder before because it really does have a very comprehensive list of features. You will have to do a little bit of setup when you download it. But don’t let that scare you because DU Recorder will walk you through the entire setup process. Basically, you’ll need to enable video and audio recording, and you’ll also need to enable the floating window.

You can download DU Recorder by clicking here.

Once you download it you can record WhatsApp video calls by:

1. Start recording before the call by clicking the floating window.
2. After clicking the floating window, sub-options will show. Click on the record button (red circle) to start recording.
3. You can start your video call on WhatsApp. Both the video and the audio will be recorded.
4. Once the call has finished, click on the floating window and stop the recording.
5. The recording will be saved onto your internal storage.
6. Done!

The other apps, AZ Screen Recorder and Mobizen Screen Recorder, have the same working principle. Once installed, these apps will ask you for some permissions. All you need to do to start recording WhatsApp video calls is to allow these permissions. Once you’ve allowed the apps for the permissions, they would also ask you to enable floating window.

It does sound like a hassle to enable the floating window, but it’s a helpful feature. If you’re in a rush to record your video call, you don’t have to open the app to start recording. Just use the floating window and you’re done. The only issue with keeping a floating window on your screen is that it is also recorded. Some of the apps do allow the floating window to be disabled once recording. Others allow you to change your preferences in the settings. Just make sure you explore the settings of the app that you’re using so you’re aware of all the features.

In Brief
And that’s it! Recording Video Calls with WhatsApp is definitely easier than recording audio calls. For Audio calls, if you have an incompatible phone, that would be the end of it. For Video calls, at least you have the ability to record the video. Once you’ve chosen one of the video recording apps listed above, just provide it the permissions that it needs. For extra flexibility, enable floating window and you would be set. All these recorders do have the same working principle.

Now you can record every moment with your loved ones on WhatsApp.

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