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How to record a WhatsApp Audio call

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How to record a WhatsApp Audio call
WhatsApp has become an app that everyone uses every day. You might be using it because it’s flexible, or convenient. But most people use WhatsApp because you can call unlimitedly with it (as long as you have an internet connection, of course!). However, the only feature lacking with WhatsApp Audio Calls is you can’t record. But there are ways to record your audio calls, and I can help you with that. Here’s how to record a WhatsApp Audio call.

Do note, though, that stock Android already allows you to record audio. It’s just that WhatsApp does not allow it. Whether it’s an encryption issue, or a privacy issue, or something else together, WhatsApp is not revealing it. But with the number of apps that are coming out today, recording audio has become really easy. And I think you know where I’m going with this: we’re going to use an app to record WhatsApp audio calls.

What apps for WhatsApp Audio call recording?
You have a lot of apps at your disposal. Just by browsing the Google Play Store you might be able to pick up an app or two that can record audio. However, they might not be the one you need because not all apps were created the same. Some apps can only record through your microphone and that’s not what you want right now.

To be able to record WhatsApp audio, we need an app that is capable of recording both Microphone input and speaker output. These two (the microphone input and speaker output) are what you call channels. To be able to fully record a conversation between two people, an app that is capable of doing dual channel recording is required.

So what apps are capable of recording two channels? The best one that I’ve found in the Google Play store that offers good compatibilities. It also allows you to record not only for WhatsApp but for Skype, Facebook Messenger, and other audio apps. The App that I’m talking about is Cube Call Recorder ACR. There are many other apps on the market but none come close to how Cube Call Recorder is when it comes to functionality and ease of use.

With that said, I’ll be focusing on Cube Call Recorder ACR for this article. Note that there are plenty of other options in the Google Play Store, but they might not have your desired effect. Let’s jump in!

The Best WhatsApp Call Recorder App
Cube Call Recorder ACR is perhaps the most suggested by WhatsApp users and it’s definitely not because there’s a lack of a better option. In fact, Cube Call Recorder ACR plows through the other recording apps because of how simple everything runs on it. Before we start, there are some prerequisites.

Make sure that you have:

WhatsApp; and
Cube Call Recorder installed on your phone, and
You need a 2 channel recording compatible phone
You can download Cube Call Recorder by clicking here.

Once downloaded, here’s how to use it:
1. Launch the Cube Call Recorder app.
2. Allow permissions, the app will automatically bring up the permissions that it requires. Just click Allow on each one.
3. Enable Floating Window, the app will bring you to the next screen
4. Depending on your device, Cube Call Recorder might show you a message saying its compatibilities.
5. Once you’re done with the setup, you can modify the settings on the app to your choosing;
6. Or if you receive a call through WhatsApp, the floating window will allow you to easy record with just a button press

And that’s how easy it is! You can see here that Cube Call Recorder definitely deserves that 4.5+ star rating that it has on the Google Play Store. And as I’ve said before, Cube Call Recorder can be used on other apps besides WhatsApp. You can use it on Phone Calls themselves, Skype, Viber, IMO, Kakao Talk and the list goes on and on.

Other things that I liked about this app is that it can automatically record calls. Meaning to say, once a call comes in, it will immediately start recording. Now you can document all calls that come into your phone without even opening the app! You can also set the app up so that it will only record certain contacts. So if you want to save every second of your conversation with your loved one, you can definitely do that.

Though there are for sure a lot of other options in the market, this app is definitely worth your time.

One of the problems that I found with this app and many others, is that it might not be compatible with all devices. What I mean by that is if you bought a phone that does not allow 2 channel recording, then the app won’t work. However, you can still record WhatsApp audio calls using PC apps like Audacity. However, if you really want to use your phone to record, then you’ll have to acquire a different phone.

Another possible issue is that you’ll need to go premium to access some features. However, these features are really not that crucial. But if you’re just going to simply record calls in WhatsApp and don’t need all that fancy stuff, then go ahead an try this app.

In Brief
Recording audio in WhatsApp is a finicky topic because there are phones that can achieve it and there are some that cannot. But if you’ve got a phone that is 100% compatible with VoIP recording, then there are a plethora of apps waiting for you in the Google Play Store. I only discussed one app here in this guide but there plenty more for you to discover. All that you need is a good app by your side and you can record all those life moments.

But if you’ve got an incompatible phone, all hope is not lost. You can still record video and it’s not as luck-based as recording audio is.

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