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How to track WhatsApp Messages of your Kids and Employees

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How to track WhatsApp Messages of your Kids and Employees
There are plenty of reasons to keep an eye on certain people’s WhatsApp. You might want to look after your kids and make sure they stay within their boundaries. Or you want to ensure that your employees are only using their WhatsApp for work purposes. Either way, it certainly is possible to track mobile activity on their WhatsApp using a couple of tools. However, one of the problems with discussing these apps is that there is not much information about them online. Still, let’s talk about how to track WhatsApp Messages of your Kids and Employees.

If you do not want to specify your phone number when registering for a WhatsApp account, but need to register urgently, no problem, because registering in WhatsApp without a phone number is possible.

There are a couple of methods to do it. The most accessible is to use several apps to accomplish the tracking that you will be doing. In this article, I’ll be talking about the 3 most used apps on the internet to track WhatsApp messages. Each of them does have their pros and cons. So which ones should you be using? I’ll be laying out what exactly are these apps, how to use them and if there are any compromises to using them. But first, you might be asking. Is it legal or is morally correct to look at other people’s messages?

Is it ethical to track WhatsApp messages?
As I imagine, you might be wondering whether spying on their messages is ethical or not. Well, the answer is simply that it depends. As a parent, you would hold your children’s interests in high regard. So you don’t want anything to happen to them while using this platform. Unless they’re over the legal age, you can still track their messages, as it is your responsibility as their parent to make sure they’re not stepping over the line. But whatever your reasons, you should still tell your kids that you’re looking at their messages. You can just tell them casually, or you can have a conversation with them on what you’re doing, and why it’s for them.

The next bit I want to talk about is about tracking your employee’s information. Since most likely your employees will be at or over the legal age, this is when it becomes tricky. Tracking their messages may be seen as an invasion of privacy, or can outright be illegal in your country. The reasons why it is illegal may vary from place to place, but it would be best to check your local policies. In any case, how can you prevent these kinds of infringements from happening? Well, you can have the employee sign an acknowledgment form before they begin work for you.

Expanding on that acknowledgment form, you simply have to write there that their messages on WhatsApp may be recorded. You may also add some spice into that by saying that it’s to ensure that apps are used for work-related purposes only. But the key here is that your employees should know 100% that their messages are being tracked. That might save you from a lawsuit for invasion of privacy later on.

Apps to Track WhatsApp Messages
Now that we know these precautionary matters, let’s talk about 3 methods to track both your kids’ and employees’ WhatsApp messages. Let’s begin.

1. Reptilicus
To begin with, let's start with an application for android that can be downloaded for free from our site.
Reptilicus answers the question whether it is possible to track correspondence in WhatsApp without access to the phone
It is much more interesting to find out how to track correspondence in whatsapp without accessing your phone. The Reptilicus program will help with this. Its developers strongly recommend that you do not use Reptilicus as a spyware program and are not responsible for such actions. This software was created as an antivirus program that recovers data from a stolen phone or remotely deletes information on a lost cell.
What are the benefits of the program and how do I track my Vatsap correspondence with Reptilicus? It is a convenient service for remote backup of information, for example, in case of urgent need to save important service data. In addition, the program helps to track correspondence in WhatsApp without access to the phone. Also, Reptilicus can record phone conversations and intercept messages from Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me, VKontakte, Instagram, Classmates, Facebook and KateMobile for VKontakte.
To use, you need to install Reptilicus on your mobile device and activate it. After installation and activation, all the information coming to the mobile is sent to the remote servers, using which you can study the data from any device connected to the Internet. This information is securely stored and protected so that an unauthorized person does not have access to it. In the same way, you can track correspondence in WhatsApp Android.

In the archive you will find files: ReptilicusRelease-5.0.5.apk

2. MaxxSpy
If you search for tracking WhatsApp messages on the internet, the chances are that one of the first results would be MaxxSpy. MaxxSpy is one of the apps that you can use to track WhatsApp activity. It has all the features that you would need so you don’t overwhelm yourself while tracking messages. The app has a dashboard so you have a very clean overview of all the messages you’ve chosen to track. And a lot more features that you can take advantage of.

The catch is that you’ll have to pay for the service. But there’s nothing to worry about because you don’t have to shell out money straight away. MaxxSpy, being the very generous developer that they are, allows you to try their services out for 48 hours. And within those two days, you’ll have full unlimited access to all features that MaxxSpy has to offer. Unlike other methods that give you limited access, you won’t have those restrictions with this service.

But once the 48 hours is done, you’ll have to start paying a recurring charge. As of writing, the 1-year subscription will run you around 120 USD while a single month subscription will cost you 30 USD. The price looks somewhat steep, but if you’re concerned about how your family or your business, this is just a minor thing. Actually, MaxxSpy offers the second cheapest services out of all the different tracking services that we’ll be checking for today. If you have a very limited budget, this might limit your ability to keep track of WhatsApp messages.

You can try out MaxxSpy by

3. mSpy
The internet praises mSpy like there’s no tomorrow. This service provides tracking for both your loved ones and for your employees. Whether you’ll be using mSpy for personal or for business matters, it’s robust enough to do the job, and do the job well. But what are its features? You get all the standard features like the dashboard, and the ability to enroll multiple WhatsApp conversations. But it does have more than just the basic bells and whistles. For one, you can access the conversations from anywhere because it is browser based. Meaning you can remotely monitor conversations even if, let’s say you’re on vacation.

As powerful as it is, mSpy is not perfect. And you might experience that you’re lost in using it, without a clue of what to press or what to input. But you’ll be glad to know that mSpy actually excels in the customer service department. If you’re having problems tracking a conversation, you can just simply get in touch with the mSpy support team and they’ll be able to assist you with your concerns. It’s definitely a good product if the customer service that comes with it is good and top-notch. And this tracker’s customer service will definitely provide you with peace of mind.

Now that sounds all great, but the question is how much does it cost?

As of writing, there are three pricing methods that you can subscribe to. Depending on what you choose, the features that are unlocked as well as the overall coverage would change. What’s good here is that you have the option to purchase a 12-month subscription straight away under the Premium plan. But at its current price of 199 USD, it might turn away some people with less money to spare. However, as I’ve said earlier, if it’s going to improve efficiency within your workplace or it’s going to ensure the safety of your children, consider this a worthy investment.

You can try mSpy by

4. Spyzie
Last, but not the least is Spyzie. It’s another one of the most acclaimed tools to track WhatsApp messages across the internet. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and you can also access the dashboard through your browser. It has all the standard features that you’ll see in tracking applications but there are more to be uncovered. You know that you’ll be able to do WhatsApp tracking. But beyond the tracking service, Spyzie allows you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls, and you can even track GPS! If you’re worried that your employees are stepping out of bounds in your operational area, then this will be a great feature to use.

Essentially, you get a very comprehensive experience when using Spyzie. You definitely won’t go wrong by taking advantage of this service. And based on my research across the internet, the customer support that you can get with Spyzie is not bad at all. This app will not win several awards if it’s not good. And you should definitely give it a try so you can see it for yourself.

Spyzie has a lot of rich features to offer, but I’m sure you’re curious about the price.

Amazingly, Spyzie offers the cheapest service of all the three that I wrote about today. If you want a 1-year subscription, you can snag the Ultimate edition for just 99.99 USD and if you’re not going to be using all of the features, you can take the 89.99 USD plan. Whatever you choose, it’s a very good deal and it’s possibly going to be a good investment for you to make for your personal and business matters.

Try Spyzie out by

In brief
We’ve seen plenty of services here that can help you track WhatsApp messages. But as I’ve said before, make sure that whoever your tracking is aware of what’s happening. Sure, it might veer them away from using WhatsApp or it might restrict how they’re talking on the platform. Still, it’s a great thing to do especially if you’re providing phones for your employees. It can also protect your children from people with bad intentions, and these services will give you the peace of mind you need.

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