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Download ViKing Botovod Pro v5.3.103 + crack

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Download ViKing Botovod Pro v5.3.103 + crack
Viking Botovod - one of the most popular programs for cheating subscribers or likes in groups, Vkontakte pages. An irreplaceable thing at the initial stage of creating a group and doing business in the social network of VK.

Together with the use of Botovod, you may need to create a Vkontakte account without a phone number. This will help the free SIM SIMline SMS receiving service.

The main advantages of ViKing Botovod Pro:
- Simple and intuitive user interface. no sophisticated settings and many buttons. To get started, you just need to log in to your VK account through Botovod.
- Ability to train the bot with the necessary phrases with which it will communicate with subscribers.
- "Exchanger" for the mutual exchange of likes and comments between the same Botovoda participants.
- Built-in task scheduler - you can easily schedule the necessary tasks, these can be completely different actions like posts, likes, comments ..
- Automatically add friends according to specified criteria (gender, city, age)
- Automatic captcha recognition.
- System anti-ban accounts. Exclusion from the exchange of groups, if any account, a participant in the exchange, was blocked for joining this group.

Cons program ViKing Botovod Pro:

The cheated users in this way are real people, but most of them, just like you came to cheat the participants for your group and you can be sure most of the newcomers will never be interested in your services / goods. Also, the paid version of the program is pretty much not cheap in 3000r.

Therefore, in order not to be disappointed in the purchased products, we provide a cracked version of ViKing Botovod Pro v5.3.103 crack download for free.

It works on the following OS:
Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10

To run the program, you may need some keys:
Password: gpDWtrjHs5Oa2YSFiaTeoQ =
Antinub: BASE64 (NOT (XOR (28)))

Download ViKing Botovod Pro v5.3.103 + crack you can at the link below.

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