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Download Bandicam v4.3 + crack (rus)

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Download Bandicam v4.3 + crack (rus)
If you are a blogger recording video lessons from a computer or just need to record video from a screen, then you just need a Bandicam program that captures video from the desktop.

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There are many versions of this program, but most of them require the purchase of a license key. At the moment, the most stable version is bandicam v4.3 crack Russian version. Another advantage is that it is completely grunted (hacked) and unnecessary watermarks will not be displayed on the recorded video. Such videos will not be embarrassing to post to the network on reputable sites or on youtube.

Recall that in the free demo version all the same functions are available as in the paid one with one difference, on all recorded videos in the upper corner a watermark will be displayed in the form of the official bandicam website.

How to activate bandicam v4.3 using keymaker?

After downloading and installing the Bandikam capture program itself, go to the crack folder and run keymaker.exe (Note that the antivirus program can swear at the activator, so you need to disable it for this time). In the window that appears, enter the email (you can enter any imaginary) and click on the Register application button.

To make sure that the program is activated, after starting, go to the "About the program" tab, there should be displayed the mail that you indicated in the crack and the license key.

Bandicam supports recording of absolutely all applications. Even if you want to shoot a video of a game, with a grunted bandicam this will not be a big deal. It is enough for you to correctly install it and activate it. Further, when capturing, you only have to click the "Record" button and at the end of the game "Stop".

Bandicam v4.3 has all the necessary settings for recording video from the screen. So you can set both video quality, resolution up to 3840 × 2160 and compression with the desired mp4, Xvid, divix codec ... And sound quality, sound bitrate and audio compression codec.

It works on the following OS:
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

You can download bandicam v4.3 + crack from the link below, also in the archive you will also find the so-called crack, an activator for bandicam called keymaker.

File Name: BDCam_v4.3.rar

>> Download Bandicam v4.3 + crack (rus) <<

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