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Download Telegram Seener Pro v5.0

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Download Telegram Seener Pro v5.0
Having a channel in a telegram on the first couple you need to cheat recording views. This can be helped by the Telegram Seener, which allows you to wind any number of views on any entry in telegrams, for work you certainly need a good proxy, but not one is better.

To create a Telegram account without a phone number, use the virtual numbers to receive SMS.
This software is distributed in English, but this will not be a problem for users with minimal English skills and good intuition, the interface is pretty clear to everyone. And for those who want to quickly sell their telegram account, they will need to show the channel’s high activity through the Telegram Seener cheat.
Recent changes in Telegram Seener Pro v5.0:
 - Saving and loading program settings;
 - Minimize to tray;
 - Change of task;
 - Improved software performance and bug fixes;
 - The user interface is changed in accordance with the comments of the user.
You can download the Telegram Seener Pro v5.0 program for free from the link below.
File Name: TSP_v5.0.rar

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