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Google closes its Trips app

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Google closes its Trips app
Google closes its Trips app for mobile phones, but includes most of the service’s functionality in its Maps and Search app, the company said in a statement.

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Support for the Trips app ends today, but information such as notes and saved places will be available on Search while the user logs into their Google account.

To find sights, events and popular places in geography, users can search for “my trips” or go to the new and improved “Travel” page on Google.

Google announced changes to its Travel website in September 2018, which included many of the features that were included in the Trips app. Thus, now the focus will be on returning users to Travel and incorporating more functionality into Google’s dominant mapping and navigation application.

Soon, users will be able to add and edit notes from Google Trips in the Travel section of the browser and find saved attractions, flights and hotels for upcoming and past trips.

In Maps, you can search for a destination or search for certain iconic places, lists of guides, events or restaurants by swiping your finger over the Explore tab in the application.

Clicking on the menu icon will now transfer users to the places that they have saved in the "Your places" section. And soon the map application will also include upcoming bookings organized by trip, and these bookings will be available offline, so the user does not need to download them.

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