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Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone will have motion control and face unlock

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Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone will have motion control and face unlock
Google’s Pixel 4 will be released this year, and it’s been receiving long-awaited recognition with Google’s decision to move forward this year. A new video published by Google about the upcoming Pixel 4 (which is likely to be unavailable until the fall), demonstrates some new features for this generation: motion control and face unlock.

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The new “Motion Sense” feature in Pixel 4 will detect your hand waves and put them in program control, including rewinding songs, a snooze alarm, and silencing alerts for incoming phone calls, with additional planned features, according to Google. It is based on Soli, a radar-based accurate motion detection technology that Google first demonstrated at the 2016 annual I / O device developer conference. Soli can detect very subtle movements, including fingers squeezed together to mimic the clock’s rotational movement, and received FCC approval in January, hinting that it will finally go into production this year.

The Pixel 4 is the first shipping device to include Soli, and Google says it will be available in “selected Pixel countries” at launch (possibly due to similar approval requirements wherever it applies to consumers).

Google also introduced "Face unlock" - something that previously supported Android - but Google does it very differently with Pixel 4 than it did in Android in the past. Again, Soli is part of its implementation by turning on the face unlock sensors in the device, as it discovers that your hand has reached out to raise the device. Google says that this should mean that the phone will be unlocked by the time you are ready to use it, since it does it all on the fly and works from almost any authentication.

Face unlocking will also be supported for authorizing payments and entering Android applications, and all face recognition processing performed to unlock the face will be performed on the device - a privacy-oriented function similar to how Apple processes its own face identifier. In fact, Google will also securely store all face recognition data in its own special Titan M security chip on the device - another step similar to Apple’s own approach.

Google released the official version of Pixel 4 and tweeted photos (or maybe photorealistic images) of the new smartphone back in June, abandoning the tendency to keep things unconfirmed until official information appears closer to the release. Based on this update, it seems likely that we will be able to learn more about the new smartphone before its availability, which is likely to happen sometime in October, based on past behavior.

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