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Buyers rarely update smartphones - will 5G help?

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Buyers rarely update smartphones - will 5G help?
A new NPD study confirms what we already know about the state of the smartphone in 2019. People simply do not update as often as they would like. You can see the consequences of this when companies such as Apple and Google are trying to cope in order to stay on pava. However, it’s nice to put some numbers in an abstract trend.

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The analytics company conducted a survey of 3,650 mobile phone users earlier this year and found that a quarter had been on their previous devices for more than three years. This is 18 percent more than two years ago. Meanwhile, twenty-nine percent have their current device for two or more years.

Update cycles have slowed, and you can thank for this higher prices, fewer interesting features and, frankly, better devices for this. In this last sense, at least, smartphone makers seem to have cornered themselves. Companies probably knew that in the end, everything would decline and fall, although many seemed to be taken by surprise how quickly and seriously this happened.

Of course, 5G is a bright spot. NPD reports that approximately two-thirds of consumers are aware of this technology (a number that has almost certainly increased since the second half of last year when this data was collected), and about a third are “interested” in purchasing such a device.

We see how the first few phones come from companies like Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Of course, this should become much more common before the technology becomes a tangible driver for the introduction of new phones.

The 5G is definitely destined to be the next major driving feature in this category - especially with the suspended state currently developing in a somewhat depressing state.

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