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Facebook Marketplace now uses AI

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Facebook Marketplace now uses AI
Artificial intelligence is changing the way business interacts with customers. Facebook reports this week - another example of how this happens. Yesterday, the company announced new AI-based features for the Facebook Marketplace.

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Marketplace is a two-year online company through which people can buy and sell goods and services in their local communities. And now, according to Facebook, AI makes the Marketplace even better and more personalized.

On the selling side, Facebook Marketplace AI features can provide sellers with suggestions on how to evaluate their products. This is based on the fact that similar offers were recently sold on the platform. AI functionality also helps sellers with automatic categorization, so interested buyers can more easily find their offers.

Facebook is also experimenting with the power of AI and images to provide buyers with suggested purchase options. “Say you liked your friend’s headphones and wanted to buy one,” said Deborah Liu, vice president of Marketplace. “You can click on the photo of the headphones, and AI Marketplace technology can recommend similar products that are sold nearby.”

She further states that in the future, AI can also help buyers complete their home or clothing design project. This can be done by evaluating uploaded photos of users and offering suggestions based on color, size, shape or other parameters.

The Facebook Marketplace is just one example of how AI can improve a business’s interaction with its customers. AI and machine learning can also communicate in contact centers and other customer service scenarios, supporting faster results, greater personalization, self-service options, and more. They can also allow marketers and sellers to attract potential customers with the right offers at the right time. In addition, AI and ML can increase the effectiveness of internal business communications such as meetings and collaboration.

Since AI, ML and related technologies, such as natural language processing, are very important for business communication, customer service, marketing and sales, etc., TMC launches The Future of Work Expo.

Future of Work Expo has an excellent line of speakers and sessions, as well as opportunities for exhibitions and networks.

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