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macOS Catalina and enhanced security

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macOS Catalina and enhanced security
Apple introduced the latest version of its Mac operating system this week, macOS 10.15 Catalina. In addition to many feature enhancements, the latest version of MacOS introduces several significant security-related changes.

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According to Apple, macOS Catalina, which is expected to be publicly available this fall, will run on a dedicated, read-only system volume that is completely separate from other data. This should prevent potentially dangerous applications from overwriting critical OS files.

In addition, the hardware peripherals and other complex functions that were still required to run their code directly in the operating system through the kernel extension (kext) will work separately from the OS, like any other application.

The latest version of macOS also introduces an improved version of Gatekeeper, which now checks all the applications that the user wants to install for known security problems before they are first run and regularly after installation.

macOS Catalina will also notify users when an application tries to access data stored in the Documents, Downloads, and Desktop folders, iCloud Drive, removable media, external volumes, and third-party cloud storage services. Applications will also not be able to register keys or remove a user's screen without their approval.

Apple announced that the activation lock feature, which was available for iPhone and iPad, will now be supported on all Mac models with a T2 security chip. The activation lock feature does not allow unauthorized users to erase or reactivate the device without the appropriate credentials.

Apple has also provided developers with a new Endpoint Security platform for creating security-related software.

“Endpoint Security clients monitor system events for potentially malicious activity. Your client registers with Endpoint Security to authorize pending events or to receive notifications of events that have already occurred. These events include running processes, mounting file systems, branching processes, and receiving signals, ”Apple told the new structure.

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